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Bored MILF Charlotte Davis gets drilled in doggystyle and rides as a real cowgirl

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Missy Martinez – Johnny didn’t do too well on his essay for his criminal justice class, so his professor, Missy Martinez, calls him in to discuss it. She has to go over DNA collecting with him, and while she does, she reminds him of the numerous places DNA exists … such as saliva … and semen! But she gives him a hands-on demonstration of collecting sperm but kneeling down and sucking his big dick! he returns the favor to his teacher and collects her pussy juice when she sits on his face! Hot professor, bit tits, hard fucking on her desk … sounds like an education to me!

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I fuck my friend’s MILF mom I always wanted – Ava Devine

Ava Devine – Matt pops in at his friend Mike’s place, but he’s not there. Mike’s mom is dusting and says he can hang out for a while as Mike should be back soon. Mike’s mom keeps on dusting but starts asking Matt about his girlfriends, and she starts showing off her tits and acting real horny! Next thing Matt knows he is being seduced by Mike’s totally nut busting hot mom!

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