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Danny is trying to pick up women at a bar, and failing miserably. Luckily he meets a dating guru who takes him on, and teaches him how to dis his way into a lady’s heart. In no time Danny has gone from Costanza to Casanova! Time to fuck your reward, Danny!

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Lolly’s office is under renovation, and she can’t drop by without the asshole construction workers harassing her nonstop. After her boss threatens to fire them, the busty MILF notices that Erik is more focused on his hammering than her tits, and decides that she not only misses his rude comments, she wants him hammering her instead!

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MILF mom interracial porn story of Ginger Lynn – I’d thought my son would mature by the time he reached 18. Apparently I was wrong since he’d gotten into some trouble with some loan sharks. He borrowed $10,000 to open up a medical marijuana clinic but his lack of common sense made that a failure…… father like son. These two black hoodlums roughed him up as they brought him to my office as he was hoping mommy would bail him out yet again…
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